How It Works

The great thing about a personal chef service is that it is personal. I take pride in meeting and interviewing all my clients. I work with you to learn your tastes and preferences before custom designing your menus

In-Home Consultation

In-Home ConsultationThe first step is a no-obligation consultation and assessment in the comfort of your home. What do you like to eat? What don’t you like? Do you have any allergies? Are you trying to follow a special diet? I learn as much as I can about your culinary needs — and get acquainted with your kitchen. If you decide to give Comfort Food a go, you decide how many meals you want and how often.

Menu Planning

Menu PlanningThe next step is to plan the meals. No two palates are alike — I draw up suggestions based on your tastes and dietary requirements. Menu design is kept fresh and seasonal — there’s no rigid formula. Do you have a favorite dish mom used to make? I can prepare it. A favorite recipe? I’m happy to adapt it. With your approval, we set a cook date and prepare grocery and equipment lists. And after each set of meals, we review the menus and hone in on the dishes that made you happiest.

Shopping & Cooking

Shopping & CookingOn the agreed-upon cook day, I shop for the freshest, highest-quality ingredients and prepare the meals. The preparation takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the number and types of meals. At the end of the day, your meals are packaged, and your refrigerator is stocked with freshly-cooked dishes for you to heat and eat at your convenience. All items are labeled with ingredient lists and simple heating instructions.


DineYou get to come home to a fridge full of freshly-cooked food and a tidy kitchen. You’re ready to enjoy a variety of delicious meals in your home without touching a pan or setting foot in a store.